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Anaheim Chili

After a late night at work, the hubby and I will set forth in search of food that we did not have to cook. Which is how we found ourselves outside Anaheim Chili one weeknight, rejoicing that they were open until 9pm.

Our good luck held, once we were seated, we were informed that Monday-Thursday from 7-9pm they offer buy one, get one on their cups and bowls of chili. (They also offer $1 off beers). Seeing that as too good to pass up, the hubby and I each selected two cups of chili and a side order of plain texas toast. The menu was tempting though–with sandwiches, burger, sides, wings, hot dogs, there are options even for the chili haters.

Our chili came up quickly. I had found the spicy designations after we ordered (hint: check the giant menu on the wall) and was happy to see that my cuban stew and white chili were both listed as “mild”. The hubby had opted for white chili as well but paired it with black bean chili.

The white chili (shown at the top of the post with the cuban stew, and below with black bean chili) had a thick, smooth broth, reminiscent of gravy. It was loaded with shredded chicken, white kidney beans, and navy beans. It had a moderate spice level but it was bordering on medium and for the truly spice adverse it would have been too much.

The cuban stew (shown at the top of the post with the white chili) featured a thinner broth laden with tender shredded pork and black beans, it was delicious but the spice built as I ate. The lime and cilantro flavors disappeared into lingering burn in the back of my throat. Although also labeled as “mild”, this seemed much spicier than the white chili and was beyond my mild/medium comfort zone.

The Texas toast was lovely. Thick, buttery, and perfectly crunchy, it provided a nice spice free resting point between chilis or to cut the heat.

Anaheim Chili

My husband was enamored of his meal and we will absolutely be back. (I’m sure chili over macaroni and cheese is not exactly “health” food, but it sounds delicious). The service was friendly, the flavor combinations well considered (and explained on the menu). The spice levels are a bit higher than what I am used to, so I will stick to “mild” and under, but those who enjoy some heat will likely find it to their taste. They even offered a couple of vegetarian options for those who prefer a plant based diet.

Total for the meal: $10.20 (Includes 4 cups of chili, 2 orders of plain Texas toast and 1 soft drink)

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