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3 Skillets
Editor’s Note: 3 Skillets has since combined with it’s sister restaurant Sandwich Farm. Their biscuits are now available at that location for breakfast and lunch, including a special weekend brunch edition.
3Skillets has been on my radar since it opened last winter. I have been unable to finagle breakfast there, but one weekday the lady A* and I did manage to swing lunch.

We met up inside the restaurant and perused the menu which included the usual suspects–meat and three, 4 veggie plates, hamburgers–as well as a couple of surprises–chicken salads, cheesecake (on Wednesdays)! I ordered a hamburger, add cheese, with a side of housemade chips. Since we had arrived just as they were switching to lunch, the chips weren’t ready yet. Instead I substituted a side of roasted carrots. The lady A went with the veggie plate, opting for the four seasonal vegetables–roasted eggplant, cucumber salad, broccoli and cauliflower, and mushroom and rice casserole.

Our iced teas (unsweetened for me, sweetened for lady A) were served in handled mason jars and we chatted as we waited for our food. The interior of the restaurant had been revamped since its days as the Wild Rose Cafe and it seemed brighter and more cheerful. Our food came up in a reasonable amount of time and I was happy to see a housemade bun on my burger.

3 Skillets
My burger was lovely. I would have preferred it to lean more towards medium well than medium but the balance of the burger more than made up for it. A spongey bun, lightly crisped at the edges. Cheddar cheese, flavorful lettuce and tomatoes, tangy pickles, and a strong, crunchy onion left no doubt about 3Skillets’ fresh made, seasonal, farm friendly philosophy. The carrots were coarsely chopped and roasted with a bit of oil and black pepper. The thick slices had a dense texture, a sweet flavor, and the slight wrinkling characteristic of roasted vegetables.

Lady A was happy to see the variety of vegetarian options. She reported the broccoli and cauliflower as crispy, the casserole kind of bland, and the eggplant a little wilted. Overall, though, she enjoyed her meal and would absolutely come back.

We lingered over empty plates, chatting as we waited for the check, a couple of to-go cups, and a box. The first two appeared in short order, and though the box lagged a bit our server remembered before I started looking to remind her.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the meat and 3 standards given a freshly made treatment. The difference was readily apparent in the quality of the food while still hitting a fairly typical price. 3Skillets offers breakfast weekdays as well as 8-2 Saturday, lunch weekdays, and dinner Thursdays through Saturdays. I will be back, both to continue to enjoy their lunch menu and to explore their breakfast offerings.

*A is a friend of mine and one of the early supporters of this blog. She was sweet enough to accompany me for this review and you may see her name (letter?) pop up more often in the future.

Total for the meal: $10.35 (includes one hamburger with cheese and one unsweet tea)

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