Meridian St. Cafe #2 [4/5]
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Meridian St Cafe #2
Just across the street from Grissom is Meridian Street Cafe #2. Every time the hubby and I would drive by I would wonder about the quiet little spot. Finally, we decided to stop by for a midweek dinner.

The restaurant is small but open and well lit by the bank of windows along the front wall. Upon entering we were instructed to sit where we liked and a few minutes later an older gentleman came by to welcome us. Upon finding out it was our first visit he gave us an introduction to the menu–burgers with handformed patties, a variety of salads, and the traditional meat and three. On Saturdays and Sundays, they serve breakfast.

The daily special of chicken and dressing caught my eye, so I opted for that with sides of grill fried potatoes, fried green tomatoes, and peach cobbler. I selected corn bread over a roll and happily agreed to the offers of cranberry sauce and gravy.

The hubby went for the bacon burger, without the cheese, add a small side of french fries.

Our food came out promptly, minus my cobbler. (When you opt for dessert as one of your sides, it is brought out after your meal.)

Meridian St Cafe #2
The chicken gravy was smooth, peppery and delicious. It lay atop the tender shredded chicken which, in turn, lay atop the herby crumbly dressing. I was raised on soft dressings with large crumbs so the fine crispiness of the dressing was foreign to me. Still, texture aside, the flavor was lovely and taken together the dish was cohesive.

The grill fried potatoes were an assortment of medium and small pieces well oiled and cooked to achieve a soft interior and a browned exterior. The oil added most of the flavor and was happy to find the salt levels well balanced.

I had selected the fried green tomatoes for one simple reason–I’d never tried them before. (The perils of being raised on the west coast) The tomatoes themselves were a lovely shade of green, pipping hot, and flavorful. The tang and crunch were clear signs that these were not yet fully ripe but they were still tasty. The tomato slices had been breaded with a thin crumb coating and then fried. The breading provided a nice contrast to the softer tomato and helped the dish hold together.

Meridian St Cafe #2
The small dish of cranberry sauce was jelled but sitting in a slight sauce. A beautiful jewel tone, the sauce was tart and smooth and I happily finished it.

The corn bread sported a nicely browned exterior and a buttery flavor so extreme that I suspect the muffin was baked with a pat of butter in the center. However the bread itself was dry with a small, fine crumb that exacerbated the situation and the flavor tended toward the salty.

Meridian St Cafe #2
The cobbler was a small slice of heaven. Served piping hot, the cobbler featured a crust so soft and syrup infused that it had the texture of a bread pudding. The peaches were canned but combined with the lovely crust and the sweet flavor of brown sugar, the dish was delicious.

The hubby was happy with his burger and fries (shown at the top of the post) and suggest that we to come back to try their breakfast.

At the end of our meal, the same kind gentleman (I am presuming he is the owner) came out to give us copies of the menu and coupons for 10% discounts on future visits.

Meridian St Cafe sports prompt and attentive service and home cooked favorites. They offer some unique twists (the dressing) which may not be for everyone, but they also do staple items well (the chicken and gravy, grill fried potatoes, and peach cobbler). We enjoyed our meal and plan to stop back by to try some of their other offerings.

Total for the meal: $19.60 (Includes one meat and three, one burger, one small side of fries and two drinks)

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