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Fly Boys
Flyboys is located just across from Grissom High. The hubby and I received a coupon in our local coupon mailer and decided to give them a try. The coupon gave you choice of a free chicken sandwich with the purchase of any other sandwich or a free chicken tenders.

Using the coupon was extremely confusing. Not only did the manager (who had jumped in as soon as she saw we had a coupon) assume that we would misread the coupon but she also insisted that both of our sandwiches be one of the “eligible” sandwiches. I think we thoroughly confused them because my husband (who was getting the “free” sandwich) ordered first, so they assumed that was the purchased sandwich. The entire thing was so convoluted that I didn’t realize the issue until the next day.

We did, eventually, manage to order–a regular chicken sandwich for me and a buffalo chicken sandwich for the hubby. His sandwich came in meal form with a side of fries that we opted to split.

That ordeal over, we took our seats in a booth and checked out the decor while the waited for the food. Flying quotes, pictures, memorabilia (even a flight suit) were tastefully arranged around the restaurant and the blasting AC was a nice respite from summer. 80’s music drifted through the speakers.

Fly Boys
Our food was brought out to our table in black plastic baskets lined with paper. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my “regular” chicken sandwich consisted of chicken fingers on a bed of iceberg lettuce sandwiched between a toasted and buttered bun. The chicken fingers, made with white meat, were thick and lightly battered. The chicken was moist, tender, and remarkably non-greasy. The extra large bun had a touch of sweetness and the light buttering added flavor as well as color. I’m not a big fan of iceberg lettuce, but the lettuce used was fresh, crunchy, and added to the sandwich overall.

The hubby’s fries (shown at the top of this post) featured a crisp exterior and a golden hue. The potato flavor shone through in the unsalted fries. Based on the description of the cashier, I had been expecting quite a pile of fries, but the serving was more reasonable. Big enough for one person with a decent appetite or two people who just wanted a small share of fries each. The hubby’s sandwich was tasty with a moderate level of spiciness.

The manager, perhaps sensing that I was a bit out of sorts over the coupon, was extremely solicitous during our meal. She checked in on us, offered drink refills and talked up the banana pudding. Her description did the trick, because the hubby was soon returning to our table with a cup of pudding in each hand.

Fly Boys
The banana pudding is entirely made from scratch and it shows. The thick and creamy pudding sat on a bed of vanilla wafers made soft by the pudding. Piled on top of the pudding was a generous layer of fresh, flavorful banana slices and a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Crumbled vanilla wafers used as garnish added just a touch of crunch. The pudding was fantastic in a “it’s totally worth going there just for the pudding” kind of way.

Despite a rocky start with the coupon, we will absolutely be back to Flyboy’s. Although the dishes tread well worn territory, they are made with fresh ingredients and extremely well executed. (I greatly enjoyed my chicken sandwich and that is usually one of my least favorite menu items.) The banana pudding alone will inspire return trips.

Total for the meal: $12.69 (Included one buffalo chicken sandwich with fries, two drinks and two banana puddings. One chicken sandwich was free with coupon.)

7/25/12 ETA: A return trip revealed that the banana pudding was still being made by the former owner and will now only be available on select days. Those days are still TBD.

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