Charritos Bar and Grill [1.5/5]
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Charritos is one of those spots that I notice nearly every time I drive down South Parkway, so one night, the hubby and I stopped in for dinner. The decor is what you see in many casual sit down Mexican restaurants–colorful striped drapes, carved chair backs–with the addition of wagon wheels and sunflowers. The front door however is amazing–huge, heavy, and carved.

Once we made it past the impressive front door, we made our way to the hostess stand and were seated. Chips and salsa appeared quickly and we munched them as we perused the menu.

The chips were hard, bland, and overly thick. The salsa was somewhat better, a saucy mix that featured onion, cilantro, chunks of tomato and a bit of zip.

After some debate, we placed our order. I went with the “Charrito Choices” which allows you to combine individual items and is served with sides of beans and rice. I opted for a beef flauta and a chicken taco. The hubby ordered a #2 combination plate with chicken.

We sipped our drinks and crunched on chips, noting the nearly empty restaurant. Our food came up quickly and we were confused to see that both of our orders were wrong. When we pointed this out to our server, she took my plate back but left my husband’s. When she returned with my corrected order, we asked again about my husband’s, she seemed surprised that he also wanted it corrected but picked his plates up.

By the time my hubby’s food arrived for the second time, we were happy to start eating. My dish (shown at the top of the post) proved disappointing. The flauta was made with large pieces of chewy beef wrapped in a corn tortilla which was fried until a bit burned at the edges. The taco, which had at this point had two chances to be correct, proved to be ground beef (not chicken) when I bit into it. The ground beef had been cooked with bits of peppers and tomatoes and piled into a corn shell, topped with iceburg lettuce and exceptionally salty cheese. The grease from the beef, which dripped out of the taco, was the only thing really giving the taco any flavor. Unfortunately, the combination of grease and steam had left part of the otherwise crispy shell soggy where it had rested against the plate.

The side of rice was soft, almost mushy, with the standard bits of carrots and peas. The flavor was very light. The beans, which were clearly housemade, had chunks of unblended beans and an overbearingly salty flavor.

The hubby’s food (an enchilada and burrito shown above and taco below) appeared to be correct on the second trip out of the kitchen, but it was also nothing to write home about.

When we completed our meal, we were left to sit for so long that we finally flagged down a server and requested our check. The check came out promptly and then we were once again forgotten. When we asked if we paid up front we were told no and eventually our server came for our payment.

Charritos is not someplace I will hurry back to. The food is below average and the few brighter spots aren’t strong enough to make it worth while. The service was friendly but incompetent. The food was not overly expensive, but you can find far better food for less money elsewhere.

Total for the meal: $20.93 (Includes two dinners and two soft drinks)

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