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Ted's BBQ
Ted’s BBQ is the most recent addition to the collection of restaurants owned by David Martin (others include Rosies, Phil Sandoval’s, Steak Out…). Located just behind Phil Sandoval’s on University, the small location consists of a kitchen, a short counter, a few stools for waiting and a drive through window. Recently they have added a few outdoor tables which expands their carry out and drive through only model to include eating on site.

Seeing the tables, the hubby and I decided to give them a whirl for dinner one night. We were greeted by a cheerful server who happily gave us as much time as we liked to review the menu posted overhead. Eventually we made up our minds and ordered–a pork plate with baked means and macaroni and cheese for me and a turkey sandwich with potato salad and macaroni and cheese for the hubby.

With our order placed and drinks in hand, we grabbed seats on the stools, checked out the fireplace, and relaxed into the end of day quiet. Our food came up quickly, stacked take out boxes in a plastic bag, and we headed outside.

The tables seat 2-4 and are scattered around the patch of concrete between the shop and the parking lot. This particular evening was really too cool for eating outside and given that there are no lights, heaters, or fans, their appeal will be limited greatly by the weather. Nonetheless, we happily dug into our food.

My pork plate (shown above) came with a generous helpings of pork and each of my selected sides. The plate had been available spicy or mild and I was thankful to find that my spicy sauce was on the side, allowing me to moderate the spice level for myself.

The pork was tender, juicy, and coated in a tangy, flavored oil. The spicy bbq sauce was a bit much for me, it started sweet but finished with a dry burn in the back of my throat. The pork and the sauce were not a truly harmonious combination, they tended to compete rather than cooperate, but I was perfectly happy to eat the pork as was.

The macaroni and cheese was creamy and almost ridiculously thick. Unfortunately, it also had the plasticky taste lent by Velveeta and similar “cheese foods”. The dish was made from scratch, but I wished they had opted for more real cheddar and less “cheese like” substances.

The baked beans are where Ted’s started showing a distinctive flavor palate. In addition to requisite beans and the familiar strands of pork and bits of onion there were what appeared to be crunchy green bits of jalepano. The peppery, spicy flavor stood in stark contrast the more standard sweet baked beans.

The corn bread muffin was cakey with whole corn kernels and small bits of either green pepper or jalapenos at the bottom of each muffin. These also had a touch of that oddly sweet aftertaste that I can’t put my finger on. I’ve seen it crop up often enough now that it is clearly some sweetener that I don’t like, I’m just not sure what it is.

Ted's BBQ
The hubby was happy with his sandwich (diners have their option of having coleslaw on the sandwich or not, he chose not), particularly the flavor of the turkey. The potato salad also earned a happy nod with potatoes perfectly cooked to avoid both mushiness and crunchiness. He enjoyed the macaroni and cheese more than I had.

The menu at Ted’s offers a south of the border twist to traditional bbq fare. The spice levels and love affair with jalapenos won’t be for everyone, but it certainly is a nice change of pace from dishes done the same old way. The menu includes tamales alongside the bbq standards–sandwiches, plates, stuffed baked potatoes. There are two desserts available (banana pudding and peach cobbler) and either can be substituted for a side. I will likely be back, drawn by TED’s fresh new take and a curiosity about those tamales.

Total for the meal: $20.78 (Includes one pork plate, one turkey sandwich, and two drinks)

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