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Fire Wok
Faced with a fridge full of no inspiration and empty bellies, the hubby and I threw up the white flag and decided to head out for dinner. We were looking for quick, inexpensive, and easy so we decided to try Fire Wok, a new Asian restaurant which opened on South Parkway next to the Lawlers and Marco’s Pizza.

Upon walking in I was mostly overcome with how cramped the space was. The layout is familiar to several other establishments. You enter and the eating space is immediately in front of you, off to one side, a low wall separates the queuing area where large menus are hung for you to study. Once you make your way to the front of the line, you order at the counter, pick up your drink cups and table number and select a seat. The difference at Fire Wok is that there really isn’t enough space for the setup. You nearly trip over the dining area when you walk in and the menu by the door can cause a traffic jam if you stop to review it.

Once we had made our selections, the hubby and I moved to the front. I ordered sweet and sour chicken (yes, I debated ordering something more adventurous for you all to read about but, seriously people, I had a hankering.) The hubby went for the spicy fried rice. Each dish was available with your choice of protien–chicken, beef or shrimp. I was disappointed to see that tofu wasn’t on the menu as it leaves the veggie lovers with a very small selection of entrees.

Once we had ordered, we picked up our table number, filled our drinks and settled into a booth in the back. Be forewarned, the silverware is over with the drink;, make sure you grab some before you get cozy at your table.

Our food came up promptly and I was happily surprised both by how nicely they had plated it and the fact that my sweet and sour sauce was on the side. My sweet and sour chicken (shown at the top of the post) featured moderately sized pieces of fried chicken, green bell pepper, and canned pineapple. The pineapple was the first thing that I tried because I adore hot pineapple and I was delighted to see so much of it! I was less than delighted to discover that it was on the cool side of room temperature and less than amazing flavor wise. The chicken was moderately better since it was served pipping hot. The tempura batter encompassed white meat but there were some oddly textured bits that said “compressed meat”. The green bell peppers were crunchy but of the flavorless variety found at the supermarkets.

The sweet and sour sauce was thick and served hot with a mild vinegary tang. Oddly though, the slight tang was the only flavor, there was no real sweetness to it. While this was a nice change of pace from the overly sweet syrupy sauce I sometimes find, it was also a bit disconcerting.

The fried rice was also light on the flavor. Sprinkled through with peas, carrot cubes, and bright yellow bits of eggs the brown hued rice was colorful but bland and oddly chewy.

Fire Wok
The hubby’s spicy fried rice was dubbed “good” though it fell down on the “spicy” premise.

Fire Wok
We snagged a couple of fortune cookies from the bin by the drinks and found them to be the standard crispy, dusty, vaguely vanilla cookies that have invaded most fortune cookie strongholds. They serve simply as a vehicle for carrying the paper fortunes not as food.

FireWok is not the worst Asian food I’ve had, but it’s far from the best. With mediocre dishes, a small eating area, and a prime spot on South Parkway, it will likely be a staple for people commuting home to the same empty refrigerator situation we found ourselves in. As for me, I’ll be heading elsewhere.

Total for the meal: $19.01 (Includes two entrees (one without meat) and two drinks)

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