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Charm Thai
In celebration of my husband’s shiny new car, we went on the hunt for a new-to-us Thai place to try. Which is how we landed at Charm Thai in Madison for a late lunch/early dinner. The only other diners were a large group celebrating a graduation which lent an extra bit of festivity to our own quiet celebration.

Upon our arrival, we were promptly seated. Due to the graduation party, we were seated near the register, across from a fascinating looking miniature grocery section. The tables were covered with plastic, the chair covers worn, but the servers were attentive and gracious. A single flat panel TV was mounted on one wall but the ambient sound came from piped music. Opening our menus, I was happy to see both an entire page of vegetarian dishes and a dedicated kid menu. The majority of the menu was broken out by type of dish–pho, noodles, curry, etc.

I selected the Massaman Curry, the hubby opted for the Pad See Ew with chicken, and we both chose soft drinks.

Our drinks came out quickly, canned sodas with glasses of ice. My husband’s dish came out significantly before mine, which seemed a bit odd. Just as I was beginning to think something had gone awry, my dish joined his.

Charm Thai
My curry contained chicken, potatoes, tomato, onion, and peanuts. The sauce itself was thin with a hint of sweetness, a bit of spice, and a wonderfully milky orange color. The flavor of the sauce permeated the falling-apart chicken. The potatoes were tender, the onions gave a bit of a crunch which blended well with the sauce. The whole peanuts were a pleasant surprise, adding a touch of salt and crunch. The roasted tomatoes played a supporting role, being flavorful but not attention grabbing.

The medium grain rice which came with my dish was slightly sticky with a hint of jasmine. Combined together the curry and rice was a well balanced flavor combination.

The hubby enjoyed his Pad See Ew (shown at the top of the post), remarking especially on the tastiness of the sauce.

As we wrapped up our meal, we asked for a box (my curry serving was more than enough, I made three meals of it). I was delighted when, seeing that I wanted to take curry to go, they instead brought me a large cup. Goodbye messy in-car leaks! Hullo, container designed to be SEALED! Put that on the list of “things I should have thought of myself”.

The ambiance at Charm Thai is well worn, this isn’t the place to take someone who requires starched linens and original art. The food is matched to the ambiance, it’s not gorgeously plated or decorated with impressive garnishes, but it’s solidly put together with complimentary flavors and good ingredients. For a casual lunch or for the diners who prefer unpretentious spots with friendly staff, Charm Thai is worth a visit.

Total for the food: $24.91 (includes two dinner plates and two soft drinks)

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