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The hubby and I were in the mood for something low key and easy so we decided to try New Market BBQ, which had been suggested by a reader. (You can add your own suggestions here). We didn’t realize quite how long the drive would take us and ended up arriving just 15 minutes before they closed. Despite that, the staff was warm and welcoming, taking the time to explain the menu and offer pointers.

Eventually we settled on plates with two sides each. I opted for a pork plate with mayonnaise based coleslaw and smoked mac and cheese as my sides. (I was tickled to find that they offer both mayonnaise based and vinegar based coleslaw.) The hubby chose turkey as his meat with sides of mashed potatoes and smoked mac and cheese. He also opted for cornbread, which I believe was substituted for the usual roll. The drinks available are bottled or canned and the only tea available was sweet tea, so the hubby and I both went with canned sodas.

The restaurant is small, just one long counter opposite the kitchen, looking out over the parking lot. Ceiling fans circulated the cool evening air and scented candles on the tables added a hint of fragrance. Our food came out promptly and we ate happily, enjoying the extended daylight of late spring.

The mac and cheese features a homemade cheese sauce and, according to the signage, is smoked for 30 minutes in the hickory smoker. As a result, the smooth, creamy cheese sauce had a lovely depth of flavor. The dish had been spiced liberally with pepper, but overall it was a nice departure from the classic mac and cheese flavors.

The coleslaw combined minced cabbage and carrots in an acidic mayonnaise and vinegar sauce. Bits of pepper were in evidence here as well, although they had been applied more sparingly. The ratio of vegetables to sauce gave a nice texture to the dish despite my usual aversion to minced coleslaw.

The moist pork was shredded into large pieces with bits of skin still present. The hickory lent a subtle hint of smokiness and the meat was flavorful throughout without requiring any sauce. Just the same, the plate came with a small cup of a thin, red vinegar based sauce. The sharp vinegar flavor balanced beautifully with the pork and would be sublime on a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw.

All plates came standard with a roll and a pickle spear. The pickle was crunchy, tangy, and thoroughly pickle-like. The sandwich roll nearly veered into doughy territory, but instead settled into soft sponginess.

New Market BBQ--Edit 2
My husband was pleased with his meal, citing the turkey and tasty and being exceptionally taken with his cornbread. The bite I tried revealed a soft, gentle corn flavor and a moist crumb. I detected a bit of a vaguely sweet aftertaste which I have run into before and still can’t place.

Despite being a bit of a drive, we found New Market BBQ to be charming and the food to be good. They are open limited hours, just Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for lunch and dinner but they are worth fitting into your schedule. During nice weather, you have the option of dining outside at 3 covered picnic tables or indoors with the fans. And the desserts looked amazing. Aside from the more standard pecan pie, banana pudding, and various meringue pies, they also offer weekly specials. The day we were in it was a “lemonade” cake that looked divine. A quick glance at some previous specials on their website reveals that several of their recipes are by Christy Jordan of Southern Plate. Having had the opportunity to meet Christy in person and sample some of her desserts once upon a time, I am confident these will be good.

Total for the meal: $16.56 (includes two plate dinners and two canned soft drinks)

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