Viet Huong Vietnamese Restaurant [4/5]
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Viet Huong--Edit
One restaurant which has been much requested, both on The List and in person, is Viet Huong, a Vietnamese restaurant located near Madison Square Mall. The hubby and I made it out for a quiet dinner one rainy Friday night and were promptly seated.

The clay pots had come highly recommended, so I selected a chicken clay pot and my husband opted for the beef. In addition, we decided to split an appetizer of spring rolls with chicken. We chatted while we waited for our food to came up.

Our spring rolls arrived quickly, tightly wrapped and served with a dipping sauce.

Viet Huong--Edit
The rice paper wrapping was semi-translucent and slightly tacky to the touch. Filled with sliced chicken breast, vermicelli, and mint I found the flavor varied between brightly fresh and overwhelmingly minty. My husband however, adored these. They transported him back to high school in the Bay Area, dining out with friends. The accompanying sauce was a soy based sauce, garnished with chopped peanuts. I found the flavor combination to be a bit odd, but I have a feeling that is more because I was getting a bit out of my usual flavor zone than because of any fault of the dish.

The clay pots arrived soon after, steamy vegetables and meat piled high over rice.

Viet Huong--Edit
The baby corn was crunchy, the thin carrot slices were well cooked, and the broccoli remarkably fresh. I found the addition of pineapple a surprising and delightful addition. The chicken was thinly sliced and stood out nicely in the light soy based sauce which coated the dish. The hubby reported that the mushrooms were nicely flavorful. Also in the dish were thin crunchy noodles which reminded me of water chestnuts in that they mostly just took on the flavor of the sauce, but added a nice bit of crunch. The rice, which was nearly too hot to eat, was a short grained rice and leaned to the crunchy side. My husband’s clay pot (shown above) was much the same, except with beef instead chicken.

The service was prompt, but not hovering and we greatly enjoyed our meals. We’ll absolutely we back as there are many items on the menu we wish to explore! I imagine they have a bustling lunch crowd, but it’s a wonderfully quiet dinner spot.

Total for the meal: $22.68 (Includes two clay pots, two soft drinks, and an order of spring rolls)

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