Smokeys BBQ [3/5]
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Smokey's BBQ
Smokey’s was a reader suggestion through The List. The hubby and I headed in one lazy Saturday night for dinner. We were greeted at the counter by the upbeat teenager staffers who were running the kitchen, drive through, and counter. The menu included bbq plates, ribs, stuffed potatoes, Brunswick stew–all the usual suspects–but we both opted for bbq plates. I selected pulled pork with baked beans and onion rings while the hubby opted for shredded chicken with fries and potato salad.

With our orders placed, we hit up the drink bar and picked a table. It was nearly closing time and only a few other parties shared the restaurant with us. We had just settled in when our number was called. The hubby headed up to the counter and came back laden down with two full to brimming plates.

I was impressed with the tenderness and smoky flavor of my pork. This was a well balanced meat–enough flavor to stand on it’s own but easily complimented by the available bar-b-que sauces. We had picked two to sample–the standard bar-b-que sauce and “smokey mild sauce”. Smokey’s sauce had a few more black flecks but otherwise the two sauces looked, and tasted, the same–more tangy than sweet with a just barely pourable consistency.

My bar-b-que beans were immersed in a thick, sweet sauce with loosely diced pieces of cooked onions. The beans were tasty but I wasn’t quite sure where the long celery-like strings I kept finding were coming from.

The onion rings (which I paid a slight upcharge for) were beautiful–golden and lightly crisp. The batter was thin and perfectly fried. Unfortunately, the onions were so mild that the final dish was bland. Stronger onions or some seasoning in the batter would make these amazing and I wondered if these would be better in the summer when more flavorful onions abound.

The corn bread was another instance of looks outweighing taste. The golden wedge was lightly browned and generously sized but the flavor was overpoweringly sweet. This went way beyond your standard honey cornbread (which I am partial to) and tasted more like syrup, leaving a bizarre aftertaste.

The hubby was fine with his order, though I was unimpressed with the fry I sampled which was bland, unseasoned and (by the time I tried it) lukewarm.

Smokey's BBQ
Smokey’s pulled pork was excellent. Unfortunately the other dishes were scatter-shot, ranging from decent to bland to just plain off. I would be up for going again to try the other sides and see if perhaps some of these were “just an off night”. If nothing else, it would be worth getting their bar-b-qued meat and scrounging up your own sides.

Total for the meal: $17.01 (included two bbq plates and two soft drinks)

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