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Mama's American Table--Edit
I’d driven by Mama’s a few times since they opened in the old Beauregard’s spot on North Parkway. Eventually, I got curious enough to head in for lunch. Groups of twos and threes appeared to have a bit of a wait but as a party of one I was seated promptly. My two up booth came complete with a napkin bearing my server’s name and a smiley face.

The menu included an eclectic combination of American, Italian, and Mexican food. I kept things simple and ordered a single patty burger, add cheese, with a side of fries. I was happy to see that my choice of cheeses included cheddar, blue cheese and more.

As I waited for my food to come up, I surveyed the decor and smiled to find Dr Seuss books along one cross beam.

My food came up quickly with the fries still piping hot. They were the thick style, barely crunchy and unseasoned save for a small amount of salt.

The burger was generously sized with a soft, pillowy bun and a loosely formed patty with just a touch of pink in the center. My requested slice of cheddar was thinly sliced and fully melted onto the patty. I had opted for all the trimmings-lettuce, tomato, and pickles. The lettuce, a shredded iceburg lent a nice crunch, as did the tangy pickles. The tomatoes were the sad, watery tomatoes of February.

The server brought my check out after I finished my meal, without me having to wait or flag someone down.

Usually I am suspicious of restaurants which offer too many cuisines, but given the tastiness of my burger and the attentiveness of the staff, I will be back to try more of their menu.

Total for the meal: $9.47 (Includes single patty burger, add cheese, a side of fries, and an unsweet iced tea)

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