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India Palace
After tuning into the deliciousness of Indian food, the hubby and I went looking for other places to try and found ourselves at India Palace for dinner one Friday night. Located off the 72 in Madison in a small strip mall, they are taking up the mantle of the prior Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine. Despite the location, India Palace offers a good sized dining room which more than accommodated the handful of evening diners.

We were promptly seated at a table with no place settings, which forced our server to set the table around us, indifferently prodding us to lift our menus so he could set our place-mats beneath them. Undeterred, we ordered. The chicken vandalio (number 68) for my husband, the chicken saaag (number 70) for me, and an order of naan to share. I was happy to see a full page of veggie options.

Our meal was delivered in the opposite order from the usual–our meals were delivered first, followed by our naan, and finally, practically as we finished our meal, my husband’s drink arrived. Aside from the irregular timing, the food was tasty. My chicken saaag (shown on the right in the above photo) was a mild dish of chicken, spiced spinach, and cream. The dish was flavorful, the chicken fairly tender, and it balanced nicely with the unseasoned, long grained, white rice. My hubby’s vindalio (shown on the left in the image above) was a spicer dish (he requested a 4/6 spice level) made with chicken and potatoes in a tomato based sauce. He enjoyed the dish, noting that it was at the right level of spiciness.

India Palace
The naan, delivered as a single piece in a small basket, had a few charred sections on the exterior which flaked off easily, but was otherwise soft and bready. It lacked any real flavor despite a somewhat glossy look which indicated some oil had been applied.

It was about this point that the service went from careless and somewhat indifferent to annoying. Our server attempted to clear the naan while we were still eating it, but interrupted us to ask before clearing completely empty dishes. He reached over me to refill a water glass that I had only taken a few sips from since the prior refill. And after requesting a box and packaging up leftovers, we were left endlessly waiting for our check. Though the food was enjoyable it was not spectacular, certainly not enough to tempt us back.

Total for the meal: $28.81 (Includes: Two dinners, one order of naan, and one soft drink)

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