Gibson’s BBQ [3/5]
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Looking for a low key kind of dinner, the hubby and I took ourselves out to Gibson’s on South Parkway. It was a drizzly night so the crowd was light and we were quickly seated. Once we realized the menus were already on the table (look in with the sauces) we placed our drink orders and perused the menu.

The hubby decided on a small bbq turkey plate, while I opted for a small bbq pork plate. Each came with two sides and your choice of hushpuppies or rolls. We both selected hushpuppies and bbq beans before diverging, me to coleslaw and him to potato salad.

Our food came out incredibly promptly and our server was on the ball with drink refills throughout the meal.

The hushpuppies were served warm, featuring a gentle flavor, a mild crunch and small bits of onion. We appreciated that they weren’t overly salty, though if the flavor had been any gentler they would have devolved into blandness.

My pork came out just above room temperature, shredded into large pieces. The flavor was distinctively pork but lacked any other spices or flavors. On the table were offerings of ketchup, bbq sauce, white sauce, a branded hot sauce, and what looked to be a house made, oil based hot sauce. I selected the house bbq sauce which was vinegar based, tangy and sharp with a hint of sweetness. It was flavorful but so robust that it easily overwhelmed the pork. When used sparingly, it balanced well.

The bbq beans were dished up in a thick, sweet sauce with a moderate level of spiciness that hit in the back of the mouth as a secondary effect. The beans were left plain, unaccompanied by any of the usual suspects–bacon, onions, etc.

The coleslaw was the minced style that I find singularly unappealing. It still managed to be crunchy and tart but the odd lingering sweetness combined with the texture meant I left most of the dish untouched.

The couple of pickles tossed on the plate as garnish were an alarming radioactive color and tasted like nothing so much as the pickles on fast food hamburgers though they were thicker with crunchy skins.

My husband enjoyed the spicy rub on his turkey plate (shown above) and the hushpuppies but otherwise his meal was unremarked upon.

The atmosphere is about what you expect in a diner styled restaurant and though the service is a bit more attentive than typical, the food was average and felt tired, as though the cooks have made the same dishes one too many times. I wouldn’t object if someone had their heart set on dining there, but I doubt the hubby and I will be back anytime soon.

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