Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe [2/5]
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Located on the corner of Airport and Whitesburg, Taziki’s is part of a fast casual Greek chain with locations throughout the southeast region. The hubby and I headed there for dinner one night hoping for gyros which were both tasty and closer to the south side of town.

We ordered at the counter and took a seat with our order number. Our food came up quickly, almost as soon as we sat down. I had ordered the lamb gyro with red roasted potatoes; the hubby had selected the chicken gyro with rice.

My lamb gyro and potatoes are pictured above. All gyros come with a side of chips, so I was getting double the dose of potatoes with my dinner. The gyro was disappointing at best. The pita was soft and fluffy but the lamb was gaggingly strong and the whole thing was drowning in oil and a “taziki” sauce that appeared to be Italian dressing. And when I say drowning, I mean quite literally, when I tried to shift the paper wrapper down midway through my gyro I ended up with a lap-full of the stuff. The gyro also featured onion, romaine lettuce, and some lackluster tomato but the lamb and sauce made their presence a matter of texture more than anything else.

The potatoes were a mix of under-cooked and thoroughly cooked pieces with the only real flavor coming from a sprinkling of pepper. The potato chips were simply off the shelf Ruffles and seemed mostly a matter of adding “filler” to the meal.

The hubby’s was happier with his gyro (which did not dump its liquid contents on his lap). He described the rice as tangy and lemony and was fairly pleased with his meal.

I would love to see a Greek/Mediterranean place thriving in South Huntsville, but Taziki’s has not proved to be that place. The food is mediocre, sliding towards truly awful, and for just a bit more money there is far better fare in town.

Total for the meal: $19.66

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