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Angel's Island Coffee
This is the post in which I revel my severe lack of foodie cred. You see…I don’t drink coffee. Love the smell, but can’t stand the taste. When I want a hot beverage, I’m a happy camper with a cup of tea but for a real treat? I love a steamy, creamy mug of hot chocolate. And so, one Saturday, the hubby and I took ourselves out for a late lunch/snack and hot chocolates at Angel’s Island.

A small, locally owned coffee shop, Angel’s has a spacious interior, with worn leather couches, a scattered collection of tables, works by local artists, and light music. Open most days 6am to 10pm, it’s a place you can sit and soak up that coffee-shop vibe. Or, if you are in hurry, zip through the drive through and get your pick-me-up to go.

The selections include typical coffee shop fare–baked treats and hot drinks. However, they also offer fruit smoothies, ice-cream based drinks, and sandwiches. We were there for the hot chocolate so we ordered one small (for me) and one grande (for the hubby). They had a delicious sounding peppermint variety, but we each elected for the classic, plain chocolate version. The hubby ordered a turkey sandwich, I selected a cinnamon raisin bagel, and we picked out a cheese danish to split.

The drinks and pastries came up immediately. With just one person on shift, the sandwich took a few minutes more. Cream cheese was available upon request, at no additional charge, and both a toaster and a microwave were available on a well stocked counter. I happily toasted my bagel and claimed a table.

Angel's Island Coffee
The toaster heated very slowly which was a bit much for my patience, but it did ensure that my bagel did not over toast. The provided serving of cream cheese was more than generous, plenty for a thick slather on both halves.

The husband’s sandwich joined us shortly after we took our seats and we dug in. My begal was thick, chewy, and remarkably fresh for an end of the afternoon bagel. The raisins were large and plump and cinnamon a light touch.

The cheese danish was made with a flaky croissant base lightly brushed with icing and filled with a tart-ish cheese filling. It was better than many but not earth shattering.

My husband enjoyed his sandwich (pictured above), but nothing about it was especially noteworthy.

As for the hot chocolate? The whole reason for our pilgrimage? It was served in disposable cups with a soft felt coating which eliminated the need for a cardboard cover and meant I kept petting my cup. The drinks were pipping hot and made with steamed milk which gave it a wonderfully creamy texture. The gently chocolate-y flavor was balanced with the sweetness of the optional whipped cream. The chocolate was evenly mixed throughout the cup which meant the last sip was as good as the first.

We will be back for more hot chocolate before winter is over. There is something deliciously decadent about sitting in a comfortable coffee shop sipping a hot drink and talking for ages. Angel’s offers a wonderful spot to linger and tasty drinks to sip. The baked goods and sandwiches are decent accompaniments for the drinks, but it’s clear who the real stars are.

Total for the meal: $13.50 (Includes one small hot chocolate, one grande hot chocolate, one bagel, one danish, and one sandwich)

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