Papou’s Greek Cuisine [3/5]
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Located in on the south side of the Courthouse Square, Papou’s is the fanciest Greek restaurant in town. The hubby and I finally made it in on a quiet Friday night. We were one of only three parties in the small restaurant which made for a very relaxing meal.

We spent some time perusing the menu before settling on our dishes. For a Greek restaurant, I was suprised to find the menu so meat centric, lots of steaks and ground beef which are not what I generally think of when I think “Greek”. Each dinner entree came with soup, salad, and your choice of a side. I selected the pork loin with a side of oven potatoes while my husband opted for the chicken with a side of Mediterranean orozo.

The soup came out quickly, an Avgolemono with a brothy, herby smell, tiny flecks of egg, and some mushy orozo. The flavor was not particularly distinctive, but it was pleasant enough.

The accompanying roll was served with herbs, the oil was on the table for you to add to taste. The roll’s crunchy exterior gave way to a soft, butter interior well suited to dipping in the oil and herbs. The herbs were dominated by rosemary and the oil took some finesse to pour, but the flavors balanced nicely.

Our salads came up while I was still working my way through the soup (see the photo at the top of the post). A blend of iceburg and romaine lettuces topped with mealy tomatoes and feta. The dressing was a vinaigrette reminiscent of most standard Italian dressings and had been applied with a heavy hand. In the place of croutons were two slices of pita, brushed with butter. I found the pita to be overly bready and thick.

Our meals were better timed than our salads and came up just as we finished with our greens.

The pork, served in a rosemary cream sauce, was cut into thin slices and rather overcooked leaving the meat chewy with a tough exterior. The sauce was wonderful, buttery and thick, which almost made up for the disappointing meat. The potatoes had skins brushed with lemon, sprinkled with herbs and baked. The lemon flavor lightly infused the potato, but I found myself wishing for a bit more crunch.

My husband’s chicken and orozo were good but not spectacular and he left feeling as underwhelmed as I did.

The ambition of the meal (soup, salad, entree, side, two types of bread!) matched the price, but the quality of the food was lacking. There were a few bright spots (the rosemary cream sauce, the flavor combination of the herbs and oil as a dipping sauce) but overall the meal was not quite there. The atmosphere on this visit was quiet and intimate, but from a previous visit I know it can get loud and crowded. For both the money and the cuisine, there are better options in town and Papou’s isn’t a place I’ll be back to.

Total for the meal: $42.78 (includes two dinners and two drinks)

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