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Morgan Price Candy Company
Just before Halloween, the husband and I drove out to Decatur to sample the wares of the Morgan Price Candy Company. I was surprised by the amount of cute platters, cake stands, and cookie jars that they stocked as I had expected to find only candy. However, it fits with their larger business model which leans toward providing candy as an easy and elegant gift item. Not only do they offer serving items, but they package their candy in a large array of gift baskets. The shop got its start as a mail order company and they will happily ship your candy order directly to the recipient. If you are looking for a way to support local businesses this holiday season, sending candies from a local candy shop is a great choice.

We had $20 to spend and were able to select six items. One bag of almond clusters ($4), two bags of fudge (one mint and one rocky road, $4 each), one bag of chocolate covered Oreos ($2.50), one bag of candy corn ($3), and one bag of salted caramels ($3). We took them home and worked our way through them slowly but each item was well wrapped and was fresh when opened.

The almond clusters were simply composed with just dark chocolate and almonds. The high quality of the ingredients allowed each ingredient to sing and made these completely addictive. The dark chocolate means that these are not overly sweet and will probably be favored more by adults than kids, but I adored them. The bag included about 8 pieces.

Both types of fudge were soft and creamy. The mint fudge smelled peppermint-y even through the plastic wrapping but the flavor was delicate and not overwhelming. The chocolate component was a milk chocolate and was overwhelmed despite the light touch of the mint. The rocky road fudge sported small bits of nuts and marshmallow. The marshmallows added a wonderful soft springy-ness to the texture. Again the overall flavor was more on the subtle side, sweet but not rich. Each bag included four 1″ x 1″ squares of fudge.

The set of chocolate covered Oreos were probably the most kid focused of the treats we selected and the adorable decorations would certainly attract little ones. I was impressed with the level of detail they managed to create.

Morgan Price Candy Company
The confections themselves were an interesting mix of textures–soft milk chocolate, crunchy oreo cookies, and the granular sugar topping. The taste/flavor of the oreo filling gets fairly well lost and while the milk chocolate was smooth and creamy, I found the flavor a little bit boring. (Full disclosure: I am not generally a milk chocolate fan). Taken together I found it almost too sweet, but those who prefer the high sugar end of the spectrum will find this delightful.

The candy corn had a smooth, almost pearlescent sheen with a soft pliable interior and a sweet, sugary taste. Even now, nearly a month later, the candy is still soft as the exterior locked in the moisture. These little morsels are a far cry from the standard bulk candy corn that swamps grocery stores in September and is rock hard by October. The bag was the size of a couple of generous handfuls which is plenty of candy corn to satisfy my yearly craving.

The salted caramels were my favorite of the bunch, besting even the almond clusters. I am a fan of salty/sweet combinations as a rule and salted caramel is one of my favorites. These caramels, however, take it to a whole new level. They smell only of the rich dark chocolate coating but soon give way to a chewy, creamy caramel. The sea salt sprinkled on top lends both depth and a bit of crunch. The flavors are perfectly balanced and a single piece is satisfying and indulgent. With six pieces to a bag, that is nearly a week of chocolate-y perfection.

A far cry from chain candy shops, Morgan Price offers luscious treats that are sure to please. After we picked up our order, we had a chance to sample and hear about their English toffee, which is apparently their best seller. Their toffee cook has been making this soft caramel-y treat with a light crunch for 25 years. I generally avoid toffees as too crunchy, too chewy, and too generally painful to eat, but these opened me up to a whole new world. I’ve shied away from sending candies to far flung family and friends in the past because it seemed so cold and impersonal. But with the outstanding quality and craftsmanship that goes into each candy and into the gift basket presentation, this year we’ll be sending selected candies to several people. Including several special people who are diabetic as Morgan Price offers a wide selection of sugar free candies.

Total: $20.50 (includes six individually bagged treats)

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