The Dining Dragon The List
One of the best perks of writing restaurant reviews is that people tell you about restaurants. Lots of restaurants. I get emails from readers, comments on Facebook, and in person comments from friends all asking the same thing…”Have you tried X restaurant yet? I’d love to see your take! Please review it.” Which is beyond awesome. I love finding out about new places to eat, I love hearing other people’s experiences, and I love getting unexpected fun emails.

Unfortunately, due to operating hours, my own schedule, and what I’m in the mood for (it’s no good to try and review Mexican when you are craving Italian), it can take me awhile to get to these requests. And, as the blog has picked up readers, the requests have also picked up pace!

So we are going to experiment with something new. I have created a Squidoo page with The List of restaurants that people have requested. You can add your own suggestions to the list and vote up and down other people’s suggestions. This will help me prioritize the requests I’ve received and I thought you all might like to see what other people are talking about.

I choose Squidoo because it allows us to create a communal list that everyone can easily add to and vote on. I’m not crazy about Squidoo’s layout and navigation but I haven’t been able to find another tool which would let me do what I wanted. If anyone has suggestions for a poll/list that is not time limited, can be added to by anyone, and allows users to vote up/down other choices, then I am all ears. : )

In the meantime, let’s to the list! CLICK HERE to try it out!