Old Greenbrier Restuarant [3.5/5]
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I’m alive and in one piece after taking my exam! Thank you all for your patience, hopefully I’ll have passed and not have to do it ever again. I’ll have some new announcements up later this week, but for now, let’s get back to talking food!

After posting about the “new” Greenbrier I immediately received several comments assuring me that the old location was far superior and I really (really, really) needed to try it out. So one Friday night, the hubby and I accepted the challenge and drove out to the new restaurant at the old location.

Tucked up on old Highway 20, a couple of miles north of the interstate, Old Greenbrier Restuarant is a down home kind of place. On the night that we arrived our fellow patrons were mostly families clad in hoodies adorned with the logos of various football teams–both local and collegiate. Seating is casual, simply sit where you like and a server will find you.

I was pleasantly surprised with the speed of the service, hushpuppies (shown above) were delivered nearly instantly upon our arrival. They were served warm, not hot, with a crunchy exterior and a corn mealy texture. I found the grainy texture and lukewarm temperature rather offputting, but the hubby was happy to munch them as we perused the menu. The hubby settled on a Bar-B-Que Chicken Dinner and I opted for a small Bar-B-Que Pork dinner. Our food came up quickly and we happily set to.

I was disappointed in the fries which were not quite cooked through and had a bit of an odd taste to them. The coleslaw was extremely finely chopped cabbage which was so fresh and crisp it squeaked against my teeth. The vinegar based flavor was a perfect match to the moist and smoky pulled pork. In some bites, the pork seemed overly salted, but I would expect most people would find it to taste as I prefer a light hand with the salt. The bread and butter pickle, provided as garnish, tasted of mustard.

The hubby’s chicken was also served with coleslaw and fries. His fries appeared to have been cooked more thoroughly as he said none were undercooked. He enjoyed the chicken which was lean, tender, and beautifully golden.

After our meal, we took out ticket up to the counter to pay and had a wonderful conversation with the proprietor who was friendly and easy to talk to.

Throughout the meal, the service was speedy, the staff cheerful, and I felt truly welcomed by the owner. The meat was tasty and well cooked and I enjoyed the coleslaw, but the fries were lackluster and the hushpuppies mediocre. I would return for the fun atmosphere but next time I think I’ll skip the hushpuppies and fries and simply order a bar-b-que pork sandwich with coleslaw.

Total for the meal: $20.01

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