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Los Mariachis
One Friday the hubby and I had the rare treat of enjoying a lunch out together. We were near Huntsville Hospital and looking for a quick but tasty spot when I remembered Los Mariachis. Located just south of Governor’s on Whitesburg it was both convenient and on my list of spots I’d been meaning to try. We stopped in and were promptly escorted to booth where our server took our drink orders and brought up some chips and salsa.

Los Mariachis
The chips were absolutely spectacular, hands-down the best tortilla chips I’ve tried in Huntsville. Lightly crispy with an airy texture and bursting with corn flavor (but not obnoxiously so), they were divine without anything additional (salsa, salt, etc.) Out of curiosity, I did try the salsa as well. It was mild but flavorful, a more watery salsa with chunks of tomato and a spicy heat that built as you ate. It was a wonderful compliment to the chips though they didn’t need it.

While exclaiming about the chips we managed to somehow read our menus and order. The hubby chose the “Speedy Gonzalez” a combination plate comprised of a taco, an enchilada and his choice of rice or beans. (He went for the rice). I decided to move away from my love affair with fajitas and selected a Burrito Mariachi with beef.

We happily chatted while our food was prepared, talking over our weekend plans. Our food came up quickly, colorful and neatly presented.

My burrito (shown at the top of this post) came with refried beans, rice, and a “salad”* that consisted of shredded iceburg lettuce, a bit of cheese, a single tomato slice and sourcream. The housemade beans were smooth and not overly salty. The rice, tender and crunchy around the edges, included lima beans, corn, carrots and green beans. The rice had a light sheen from the oil used during cooking, but was surprisingly not greasy. I was thrilled with the nongreasy rice, but underwhelmed with the standard freezer pack veggies. The “salad”, like most in Mexican restaurants, was most useful if treated as garnish. Unlike most, however, it was edible. The tomato while clearly a standard off peak tomato was surprisingly fresh and provided a nice contrast to the rather midling iceburg lettuce. The sour cream and finely shredded cheese blend were standard store bought components that tasted exactly as expected.

The burrito itself was a flour tortilla filled with ground beef, topped with a thick layer of cheddar and jack cheese and a generous amount of red enchilada sauce. I had a see-sawing relationship with the burrito. It looked beautiful! (up) But when I cut into it, the beef was ground beef. (down) And yet, the ground beef was fluffy with bits of onion and real spices not packaged taco seasoning. (up) And then I started wondering what would make ground beef fluffy. (down) Not that any of that stopped me from enjoying my lunch and taking the remainder home for the next day.

The hubby enjoyed his plate, stating that it was very cleanly done.

Los Mariachis
The dishes were solid, tasty Mexican fare and for those alone I’d be happy to go back. But it’s the chips that have added this squarely to my list of “places to suggest for lunch”. While we didn’t try it, they also offered a large lunch buffet and, even ordering off the menu, their prices were reasonable.

Total for the meal: $14.85 (Two lunch plates, two soft drinks)

*I realize that these are not true salads, as they are generally meant to be scooped onto the main dish as condiments more than anything else. However, the addition of shredded cheese (when there was abundant cheese on the burrito) makes it seem like more of a standalone item.

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