Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked how many choices you like to see on the menu. The responses were fairly split with 42% opting for 5-10 entrees and 42% preferring 10-15. 14% selected 15-25 and no one liked very limited (under 5) or expansive (over 25 choices). In the comments, both Silvia and Julie noted that they enjoy limited menus as long as they change regularly.

Personally, I am happiest at right about 10 entrees. Too many more and they all start running together (especially at some establishments where their menus feel more like an exercise in permutations than in something you are actually expected to parse). Too many less and I can struggle to find things that sound appetizing.

For this week’s poll, let’s talk about pizza toppings. What sorts of things do you usually go for?

When picking pizza toppings, I select…
The classics–Cheese, pepperoni
Things in tune with my dietary restrictions–no cheese, no tomatoes, etc.
The slightly out of the ordinary–Hawaiian, Veggie, The Works
Complete “stories”–Mediterranean, Pesto, etc.
The Unusual–Anchovies, sundried tomatoes, tzatziki sauce? Bring it on
The Bizarre–Things generally not associated with pizza–gummy bears, Cheerios, beets
Other (expand in the comments)
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