Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked what you liked to listen to as you eat. 41% of respondents selected commercial free music, which tied with “anything as long as it isn’t too loud” as the most popular options. 29% prefer light instrumental music while 18% go the other direction completely and prefer a live band. 12% want no music at all and 6% enjoy the radio. It surprised me (given the frequency with which you see them) that TVs got no votes at all.

Regular readers have likely picked up on the fact that I do not like noise. When I dine out I like to be able to either carry on a conversation with the other people in my party or soak up the “me time”. (That’s my natural introvert talking.) Like Susan, restaurants with live bands who can’t modulate the sound, blaring pop music, or warring TVs quickly earn a spot on my “never again” list. That said, while I prefer instrumental music (less distracting), I’m happy with any audio kept to a low level. TVs are their own special kind of crazy making because I am extremely visually distractable. Seat me across from someone with a TV hung just over their head? I will not be able to stay focused. I will end up watching whatever is on the TV.

This week let’s talk about menu size. When you order out, how many options do you like to have?


How Many Choices Do You Like to Have on a Menu?
5 or fewer entrees
5-10 entrees
10-15 entrees
15-25 entrees
25 or more entrees
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