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Greenbriar BBQ
For his birthday, the hubby wanted bar-b-que, so we decided to head out to Greenbrier. For the sake of clarity, Greenbrier Bar-B-Que is the Greenbrier which is owned by the original owners but in the “new” location. Greenbrier Restaurant is in the old location and owned by new management. Of course, “old” and “new” are relative terms as the original Greenbrier opened in 1957 and they moved nearly twenty years ago.

The hubby and I arrived after putting our faith in Google Maps (“Are you sure there’s a restaurant down here?”) to discover a light Saturday night crowd. We were promptly seated at a booth where, despite the overall dim lighting, I was happy to see we had our own hanging lamp. The ambiance was that of older restaurants and cafeterias everywhere, but our server was prompt and responsive. I settled on a small hickory smoked dinner plate while the hubby selected the all white meat chicken dinner. We both chose bar-b-qued beans and fries as our sides.

While we waited for our food, our server brought out a basket of piping hot hushpuppies, which she almost immediately topped off with another batch.

Greenbriar BBQ
I am not generally a fan of hushpuppies. They tend to be rather like eating cardboard–tasteless and chewy–and I’ve never understood the appeal. These completely won me over. The golden, crispy exterior gave way to a soft interior while the lovely corn flavor shone throughout.

Our food came up remarkably quickly, and we happily dug in.

Greenbriar BBQ
My hickory smoked pork was tender and moist, flavorful enough that the tangy house bar-b-que sauce was unnecessary. The unseasoned, lightly crunchy fries made for a much better vehicle for the various sauces offered. The bar-b-qued beans came in a thick sauce that balanced sweet and tart quite nicely.

The hubby greatly enjoyed his dinner (pictured at the top of the post), noting the flavor of the chicken and the accompanying white sauce as high points..

My only real complaint came at the end of the meal where, despite assuring us that she would be back, our server stopped checking in with us. This would have been fine (we had the check and were ready to pay) except that we needed a box and I couldn’t manage to catch her eye, despite her stopping in at several tables nearby.

Greenbrer Bar-B-Que offers excellent bbq fare and outstanding hush puppies (those alone are worth going for). Other than our box dilemma, the service was exceptionally prompt and on the ball. If you are out near Madison, it’s worth stopping in to check it out.

Total for the meal: $22.61 (two dinners and two soft drinks)

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