Weigh In Wednesday
Our last poll asked how you look for new eateries to try. 71% of respondents said that they will notice a new place as they drive by and make a mental note to come back later. 57% each said that they read online reviews and this blog (thanks!). 43% each ask friends for recommendations and find new spots on daily deal sites. 30% each use online maps or smart phone aps. Just 14% use physical mailers or coupons. We also had one comment about using the going out section of the newspaper. (Smart!)

Personally, I tend to do most of my looking and researching online, though I also make note of places I see while driving around town. Authoring this blog has been a boon to finding new places because now both friends and readers recommend places to me. : ) The comment about using the newspaper has me thinking I should try checking out Valley Planet to see what they might list.

For the next poll, let’s talk about background noise. What do like to listen to you when you eat out? Feel free to choose multiple answers!

What Do Prefer To Listen To While Dining?
Nothing. I want to be able to talk unfettered.
Light, instrumental music.
Commerical free music
The radio
A live band
Television (but only if it’s shows I would generally watch)
Television (but only if it’s shows I don’t normally watch)
Television (anything at all!)
Anything, so long as it isn’t too loud
Other (leave answer in comments)
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