Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked what you look for when selecting a restaurant for a romantic evening out. Amazing food won 58% of the vote. I found this both obvious and confusing. On one hand, great food is a pleasurable experience, it makes for a good topic of conversation and helps set a positive tone for the rest of the evening. On the other hand, when people speak about romantic dining, they seem to focus more on other attributes–the service, the parking, the wait, the wine, the atmosphere… Putting the two together, it appears that excellent food is assumed and people use the other criteria as deal breakers.

Great ambiance took second place with 21% of respondents citing that as the most important aspect. 14% wanted a child-free environment and 7% wanted to try a new cuisine or experience with their date.

I am lucky in that my husband also enjoys both great food and dining out so our “date nights” often consist solely of dining out. : ) For truly special occasions, I want the best food possible. But I also love the trying a new spot, even when it doesn’t turn out to be quite as good as I hoped. My top two criteria are ambiance and the quality of the food. Great dates come from some combination of the two. Amazing ambiance and solid food? A great date. Amazing food at some hole in the wall place? Great date.

For this week, let’s talk semantics. What do you consider to be a “dive”? Check all that apply.

A “dive” is…
Relatively unknown
Questionably sanitary
In a rough neighborhood
A bar
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