Weigh In Wednesday
The last poll asked about silverware. This one was inspired by my mom who bought a new set of silverware and then found she preferred eating at home because “the stuff at the restaurants isn’t as nice”. Of our respondents, 100% would notice silverware if it was missing, dirty, or damaged. 86% notice unique styling and 71% key into evident quality. Interestingly, non-functional negative attributes were less noticed, with only 57% noticing uncomfortable or plastic silverware and 43% cluing into poor quality.

Personally? I notice silverware when it hits the extremes. Really thin, sharp, or rough? I’ll comment to my husband. Really heavy, smooth, or polished? I’ll note that too. I also love restaurants that mix and match silverware for a fun blend of patterns.

This week, let’s talk about romantic dining. If you are planning a night out with someone special, what do you look for in a restaurant?

Most Important in Romantic Dining?
Taking reservations
Great ambiance
An extensive wine/beer list
A full bar
Amazing food
Late dining hours
A new cuisine or experience
Reasonable pricing
Dress code
No children allowed
No cell phones allowed
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