Weigh In Wednesday
Don’t forget that this Saturday is the Dining Dragon Birthday Bash! See this post for details on the bash and how to enter the giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to the Apollo Cafe.

Our last poll asked what you consider a dive. I was curious after seeing a couple of different references online which just didn’t jive with what I considered a dive to be. According to our (highly scientific) poll, it is stil somewhat of a mixed bag. Only 57% of respondents thought that a dive was cheap, another 57% agreed that it was relatively unknown. 43% of respondents went with both small and questionably sanitary. 29% say it’s in a rough neighborhood. 14% each agreed with “dirty” and “a bar”.

Personally, I always thought of dives as small, locally owned, hole-in-wall type places where you avoided looking at the health rating but found stellar food. They might be out of the way or in run down neighborhoods, but not anything patently unsafe. And I never even considered the bar option until hearing someone else make that assumption.

For this week’s poll, let’s talk finding new restaurants. What are your tried and true methods for finding new places?


How Do You Find New Eateries?
I see them on my way somewhere else and make a mental note
I ask friends for recommendations
I read this blog!
I check out online reviews
I use the search nearby function in mapping programs
Smartphone aps
Daily deal type sites
Online Ads
Physical Mailers (coupons, fliers, etc)
Other (leave in comments)
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