Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked what you did if your dining partner was running late. 43% will snag a table, but wait for the tardy party to arrive before ordering. 29% will get the table, but will give up after 30 minutes and order anyway. 14% give only a 15 minute grace period and another 14% will wait indefinitely in the lobby.

Tyrone opted out of the poll but shared his smart secret–wait at the bar. The convenience of drinks and a seat without the guilt of sitting at a table not ordering. Prior to being clued into his solution, I would get a table and then stretch the ordering process. Unless I had a phone call or text letting me know that they were coming, I would have trouble waiting more than about 15 minutes to order. I feel awful taking up a table (ordering nothing) especially if there are paying customers in line. It annoys the servers and is rude to the other customers. Now though? I’m totally stealing the bar thing. Now I’ll just be the weirdo at the bar with a tea.

Speaking of tea, this week’s poll asks that eternal poll…sweet or unsweet? Feel free to add any rules, caveats or preferences in the comments. (Only like Splenda, won’t drink fruity teas, will only drink fruity teas…do share.)

Iced Tea Should Be…
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