Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked you to weigh in on whether you preferred your iced tea sweet or unsweet. Sweet tea just eked out a win with 56% of the vote. A number of insights were raised in the comments. Julie blends sweet with unsweet to get semi-sweet tea. Tyrone liked to order his unsweet and add a sweetener himself. And Susan spoke to the importance of the sugar being brewed with the tea, not added after the fact.

As a west coast native, I find sweet tea strangely fascinating. Not to drink (I like my tea to taste like tea, thank-you-very-much) but because of the culture that surrounds it. For instance, any eatery in the south, no matter how large or small, offers fresh brewed iced tea. It’s practically a law. Now it may be horrible tea, but it will be fresh brewed. Growing up in California, if you wanted iced tea, you had to ask if it was fresh brewed as most places just had some sort of fruity concoction from the soda fountain. Moving here was iced tea nirvana!

And then there is the matter of the sweetener. It was years before someone kindly clued me into the fact that the sugar was actually brewed in with the tea (and explained why all of my house guests would decline adding sugar to unsweet iced tea…). But that’s hardly the only way. There are those who favor the little pink packets. Restaurants who serve all tea with simple syrup so it can be sweetened to taste. And the flavored fruit teas. It’s an entire world of it’s own.

For this week’s poll, let’s talk about something much less sugary…silverware!

I Notice My Silverware
If it’s missing
If it is damaged or dirty
If it’s plastic, I prefer the real stuff
If it’s uncomfortable
If it’s cheap
If it has a neat pattern or unique styling
If it’s evidently quality silverware
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