Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked how you respond to poor service. The majority of respondents, 58%, go by the adage that money talks. 50% leave a very small tip while 8% leave none. 33% say nothing, but never return. The remaining 8% will simply get up and correct the problem themselves.

Generally, I try to be a fairly forgiving customer. Sometimes it’s busy. Sometimes my server goes on break. Sometimes humans forget things. I can roll with it. But certain things to get under my skin. Being ignored. A lack of concern when something is wrong. Sheer rudeness. And I’ve tried most of the methods listed depending on the issue, the day, and my mood.

For this week’s poll, let’s talk dinner as part of an event. A date. A night with friends. A celebration. If you are going to combine dinner with something (a movie, a show, mini-golf, etc.) where you have control of the timing, what is your preference?


Dinner and a Show
Dinner first, to beat the crowds
Dinner first, that way we can go out for dessert or drinks after the show
Dinner first, so I don’t spend the entire show starving to death
Show first, so we can have a leisurely dinner
Show first, so we can discuss it at dinner
Show first, so as not to rush things
Other (expand in the comments)
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