Lyn’s Gracious Goodness [3/5]
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Lynn's Gracious Goodness
I’ve been meaning to get over to Lyn’s for awhile now and one Wednesday, I finally made it! One word of forewarning, the parking lot is tiny and absolutely jam packed. I had a small off-roading adventure attempting to avoid one person’s spectacularly poor parking job. The moral of the story? Carpool. In a compact car. That can handle going over a curb.

Once I got inside, I understood a bit better just why the parking lot was so full. In addition to a healthy eat in crowd, there was a non-stop stream of people coming in to pick up food to go. Salads and pie were prepackaged and waiting in a refrigerator, making it easy for someone to run in, grab and go. The menu offered soups, sandwiches, a deli case of salads (the chilled chicken tortolleni salad caught my eye), and a “Special of day” which happened to be meatloaf with true southern sides like cornbread and black eyed peas.

I nearly went with the special, but a last minute change of heart found me ordering a turkey BLT instead. And adding a slice of blueberry cream pie. Somedays I’m just crazy like that.

I placed my order and paid at the counter. Filled my cup with unsweet tea and headed out to the fenced in patio and found a table in a shady spot. I was surprised at how comfortable the patio was. A tall fence and several trees and you forget that just behind you is traffic, zipping down Whitesburg.

My food came out about 10 minutes later, announced by a server standing in the doorway to the patio announcing “TURKEY BLT?” Most of the service was along these lines, serviceable, but brusque with little patience for those who threw a cog into the well oiled machine of the lunchtime rush.

I was quite happy to see my sandwich though. The turkey was a high quality deli meat, the tomato fresh (hooray, summer is here!), and the bacon crunchy. The romaine was unremarkable and the sourdough bread was thin and crunchy from the toasting it had received. I would have written it off as an unremarkable sandwich except for the pesto. Wonderfully flavorful and clearly house-made, it added a punch and pulled all of the other flavors together. Still, the sandwich ran to the salty side, leaving an aftertaste of pure salt.

The sandwich was accompanied by a thick round of sweet pickle which was sweet and tangy, but seemed unsure whether it was a side item (too small) or garnish (too large).

Lynn's Gracious Goodness
The pie intrigued me as it was “blueberry cream” not “blueberry pie with whipped cream on top”. Sadly, as you can tell from it’s rather deflated appearance, it turned out to essentially be “blueberries on top of whipped cream” pie. The whipped cream was deflated and so merged into the berries that I could tell it was there by sight only. The berries were tasty but didn’t stand out as particularly spectacular–better than canned, but not anything to write home about. The crust was flaky and buttery but overly thick. Again though, the dish was saved from mediocrity by a single ingredient–pecans, tucked between the whipped cream and the crust adding flavor, body, and crunch. My only complaint was that this seemed dangerous for those with nut allergies. There was no label indicating the presence of nuts and it seems a bit unreasonable to expect that somone would think to ask if a fruit pie contained nuts.

Lyn’s is a nice place for a change of pace, and their cold salads certainly looked tasty, but with so many other places to try I doubt I will make it back often. Once detail that did catch my eye is that they offer “care packages”. You simply select what to send and they take care of the rest. If you have a favorite dish, treat or wine (they have a healthy wine selection), this could be a fabulous way to share some happiness.

Total for the meal: $12.32 (includes one Turkey BLT, one slice of pie, and one drink).

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