Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked what your response is when someone else grabs for the check first. A whopping 80% of respondents say “thank you” and make sure to cover the next meal out. 10% simply say thank you and 10% insist on paying their portion.

I tend to be with the majority on this one, but there are certain people I make exception for. I will argue, for example, with my parents (because otherwise they would pay for every meal ever) or at the very least, devise some sneaky way of grabbing the check before they do. I also get more vigilant if I don’t expect to see them again soon, leaving me with no way to return the favor.

For this week’s poll, let’s talk poor service. What are you most likely to do when faced with what you consider sub-par service?


For Subpar Service I…
Say nothing, but never return
Leave no tip
Leave a very small tip
Speak to a manager
Write poor reviews online
Get up and correct the problem yourself
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