Weigh In Wednesday
In our last weigh in Wednesday poll, we asked about your reservation habits. 73% of respondents make reservations both when they have large groups and when they are celebrating special occasions. 64% make reservations if they know the restaurant is super popular, 27% if they know they will be dining during peak hours, and 18% when they require special accommodations.

Personally, I tend not to make reservations. It falls under the category of “calling people” which is generally not my favorite thing to do. (Restaurants with online reservations are my heroes.) That said, I’m with the majority here. I’ll call if I know I am bringing a large group of if I have somewhere to be afterwards and need to ensure there isn’t a wait. As a side note, it drives me absolutely batty if I have reservations and still have to wait. To the point that I will often choose another restaurant if my first choice has a policy that states as much.

For this week’s poll, let’s talk picking up the check.


If the person you are dining with grabs the check, do you…
Insist on paying my portion
Insist on paying the entire check
Say thank you, but make sure to cover it next time
Say thank you
I sneak off earlier in the meal and talk to the staff so the check comes straight to me
Other (leave your method in the comments)
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