Surin of Thailand [4/5]
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In the mood for Thai food, the hubby and I found ourselves at Surin of Thailand on a Friday night. Despite the Friday dinner rush, we were seated promptly. Unfortunately the lighting was dim enough that I was having trouble making out the menu and the noise was such that it was just barely passable for holding a conversation.

In a quick perusal of the menu, I was struck by the number of shrimp dishes and the extensive sushi menu but settled on the pad woon sen with chicken. The hubby opted for the spicy beef noodle and we shared an appetizer of eggrolls.

The eggrolls came up promptly and were served piping hot. The wrappers were crispy and light which complimented the all veggie filling. The accompanying dipping sauce was a delicate, thin, sweet sauce balanced by it’s slowly building heat.

We chatted as we waited for our main dish to come up, observing the clearly “date night” crowd and the busy bar. Our dishes arrived promptly, adorned with carrot flowers, and generously portioned. My pad woon sen (pictured above) featured wonderfully soft mung bean noodles which were well flavored with sauce. The chicken and vegetables were both thinly sliced and well cooked. The zucchini was buttery, the corn slightly crunchy, and the cabbage flavorful and crisp. The only disappointment was the clearly out of season tomatoe. The egg added a lovely depth to the dish while the light sauce coated each component evenly, providing harmonious flavor without drowning out the individual ingredients.

The hubby enjoyed his entrée as well nothing that the beef was tender and lent a meaty flavor the entire dish.

The food at Surin exhibits wonderful flavor pairings that let the foods speak for themselves. However, the ambiance is fairly standard “trendy chain” complete with overly dim lighting and plenty of background noise. I’ll be back, but in the future, I think I’ll try to visit for lunch or an early dinner before the crowds pile in.

Total for the meal: $30.24 (Included two entrées and two soft drinks)

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