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Peggy Ann's Bakery
Peggy Ann’s first captured my attention when I heard high praise for their petit fours. I was intrigued by a bakery that went beyond the classic cakes, cupcakes and cookies. So when a work potluck came up, I took the opportunity to purchase a cake and a few treats for the hubby and I to try. I refrigerated the goods after purchasing them and we ate these over the next day or two.

Peggy Ann's Bakery
The cake was one of the ready made cakes from their bakery case, a plain white cake with whipped frosting. The blue roses were beautifully done and I was given the option of having a message of my choice inscribed. (I declined) Unfortunately, the cake looked better than it tasted. Not that it was bad, the cake was airy and light, the whipped frosting sweet and creamy. It’s just that it didn’t really taste like much of anything. I will admit to being somewhat biased as I prefer my cakes dense and rich but this is a cake I would be happy to skip.

We had better luck with the small treats I brought home.

Peggy Ann's Bakery
The packaging was all business. No cutesy bows or dividers, but the treats stayed intact so the purpose was served.

Peggy Ann's Bakery
The apple danish had a firm, dry crust with a touch of sweetness. The cinnamon and apple filling was deliciously sweet, and reminiscent of a classic apple pie. The thick, sweetened cream cheese topping lent a tartness which nicely complimented the sugary apples. The whole thing pulled together beautifully with the creamy topping, gooey filling, and firm crust providing a textural balance.

The brownie (shown at the top of the post) was a multi-layered confection.

Peggy Ann's Bakery
The titular brownie provided the base and was topped with a generous amount of whipped frosting, coated with milk chocolate, and crowned with a single desiccated maraschino cherry. The brownie itself was chewy and studded with walnuts but granular with a slightly off aftertaste. It reminded me of the taste that the brownies at many grocery store bakeries have. The milk chocolate topping had a hint of flavor that we couldn’t quite place. Almost minty, almost vanilla. The whipped frosting, true to form was perfectly creamy and sweet.

I was swayed into purchasing the bon-bon by the fact that while that term is often thrown around, I had never actually eaten anything by that name before. My French speaking husband assures me that this is because the translation is closest to “treat” or “goodie” in that it doesn’t actually denote a specific confection.

Peggy Ann's Bakery
At any rate, Peggy Ann’s definition of a bon-bon was a square of chocolate cake topped with a creamy, lightly vanilla flavored filling and covered with a chocolate butter cream frosting. The cake I could have lived without, again it was light, airy and not particularly flavorful. However the filling and the frosting were well executed and enjoyable.

Finally, we came to the petit-four. I had selected the large size which was just the right amount for sharing.

Peggy Ann's Bakery
The petit four was a small square of white cake, covered with whipped frosting and decorated with a small frosted flower. Again, the decorating was beautifully done. Perhaps because of the time spent in the fridge, perhaps because of the higher frosting to cake ratio, the cake seemed to have a moister crumb and I found the treat more enjoyable than the previous cake items. It was a satisfying “little something”.

Peggy Ann’s frostings and fillings are absolutely delicious. Their cake is not my style but if you like light, airy cakes, they just might be yours. Their prices are unbeatable if you want to pick up a sweet surprise and I’m curious to sample their baklava. (They were out the day I visited).

Total for the treats: $27.14 (Included one 8″ white cake, one apple danish, one brownie, one bon-bon and one large petit for.)

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