Weigh In Wednesday
In our last poll, we talked dessert. I had expected chocolate to win by a landslide, because, hello? Chocolate. I was wrong. The top choices, which tied for first with 22% of the vote each were creme brule and whatever the house specialty is. After that, it was rather scatter shot with 11% of the vote going to chocolate cake, bread pudding, cheesecake, and pie.

Personally, I am not much of a cake person, but I am a huge chocolate fan. Anything that offers to be dense and chocolaty generally grabs my attention. I love cheesecake, but will only order it if I expect it to be freshly made, not frozen. And, since moving to the south, I have discovered the wonders of bread pudding. This has been a whole new world, but again, whether I will order it depends where we are and how good the rest of the food is.

This week, let’s talk reservations.


When Do You Usually Make Reservations?
For special occassions
For large groups
During peak dining hours, to avoid a wait
Whenever I need special accomodations
For especially popular restuarants
It’s a hassle I try to avoid
Other (describe in comments)
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