Panoply is Huntsville’s big spring event. Live music, performances, art, handmade offerings, free crafts for kids and, of course, fair food. It’s one of my favorite annual events and the hubby and I always make a point of attending. We shop the art, visit the ducks, people watch, scope out the performances, and check out the art submitted by kids at local schools. And we eat. Fresh lemonade. Funnel cake. Chicken on a stick. There are even some more unusual offerings like Greek food.

Panoply is this weekend, and this year it will be even better because I will be one of the food judges!

If you are thinking of picking up weekend passes, you should check out today’s Living Social Deal which is two passes for the price of one. (I’m not being paid to say that, I just thought you should know.)

Come check it out and weigh in next week on what YOUR favorite food item was.