New Orleans Lunchbox [4/5]
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New Orleans Lunch Box
I first heard about New Orleans Lunch Box from some coworkers whose main descriptor was that it was in the BP station at the corner of Jordan and Holmes. This sounded like it had the potential to be either a true hidden gem or a complete disaster. So naturally, I had to check it out.

I parked at the gas station and walked into the building which surprised me with both it’s cleanliness and the small dine-in area. The counter was straight back from the door, below a menu board on the wall. I opted for that day’s special–half of a smoked sausage Po Boy, one side, and a 32 oz tea. They offer all manner of toppings for the Po Boys–mayo, mustard, BBQ sauce, jalapeños, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes–but I kept it simple with just lettuce and tomatoes. For my side, I selected the red beans and rice.

I had my food in hand less than 10 minutes after I arrived and I settled down at one of the tables to soak up the mid-day sun. My sandwich was delicious. The bread was better than average french bread, soft with a flaky crust. The sausage though was the star–smoked to perfection, it was flavorful and juicy without being overly greasy. The lettuce was coarsely shredded iceberg and the tomato was your standard out-of-season-dining-establishment fare. Despite that, the tomato did add a nice bit of juiciness to the sandwich.

New Orleans Lunch Box
The red beans and rice were cooked separately and layered in the cup–beans, rice, beans. The combination was soupy and slightly peppery. The beans were large with firmer exterior and falling apart soft interiors. Although uncomplicated, the blend of spices and textures made the dish happily addictive.

A perfect spot for a quick and tasty lunch, New Orleans Lunch Box clearly qualifies as one of those “diamonds in the rough” that proves it’s worth looking in unexpected places for good food.

Total cost of meal: $9.71

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