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Happy Tummy
Located at the vibrant Lowe Mill, Happy Tummy is a small sandwich shop. The first time I ate there, they were running out of a small food service trailer permanently parked near the building. They recently upgraded to a roomy indoor location with beautiful red booths and a full menu while keeping their sense of community and offbeat sandwich names. The hubby and I stopped in one Saturday to check out the upgrade and I had the surprise of being recognized, for the first time, as the author of this blog.

After much indecision (my ability to make a decision on what to eat is inversely proportional to how hungry I am, and I was starving), I settled on a B-B-BLT. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato with baconaise, served on bacon Fred Bred. The hubby selected a Spicy Bird–turkey, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion on jalapeño cheddar Fred Bred spread with a chipotle mayonnaise. Both sandwiches came with our choice of the standard chips–baked lays, Fritos, Mrs. Vickies, etc. Various chilled canned and bottled beverages were available, and we each selected a soft drink.

We chatted as we waited for our sandwiches to come up, munching on chips and noting the large crowd for a restaurant not yet 30 minutes past it’s opening hour. Our food arrived in just under 10 minutes. My sandwich was served warm, filled with perfectly cooked bacon, crisp lettuce, and a remarkably delicious creamy baconaise. The bread, a dry but chewy bread, was studded with bits of bacon, adding an extra oopmh to an already flavorful sandwich.

My husband enjoyed his sandwich, noting that it was truly spicy.

Happy Tummy
For a casual meal, Happy Tummy offers a wide selection (they offer burgers and quesadillas as well as vegetarian and gluten free options) and fresh ingredients. Their support of Huntsville industry by using locally baked, handmade bread wins Happy Tummy additional points in my book. The fact that the bread is tasty doesn’t hurt one bit either.

Total for the meal: $14.00 (Two sandwiches with chips and two cans of soda)

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