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Duffy's Deli
I first heard of Duffy’s Deli from some friends several years ago. It’s the kind of place that you could drive past a hundred times and never really stop to notice, which is a shame. I hadn’t been by in quite some time, so I decided to stop in for lunch.

Directly in front of the door is the counter where you order, since I was undecided, the checker was kind enough to hand me a paper copy of the menu and make several recommendations while I studied it. In the end, I opted for their “famous” white chicken chili in a bread bowl and a glass of tea. Once I ordered, I filled my cup, found a seat by a sunny window, and took in the mish-mash decor of movie stills, posters, Norman Rockwell prints, and a poster of Murphy’s Laws.

My food took about 15 minutes to come out which seemed a bit excessive for putting some chili in a bread bowl, but it was more than made up for when I took my first bite.

Duffy's Deli
I generally expect chilis to be thick–more stew than soup–so I was a bit surprised at the thin broth. However, the generous pieces of shredded chicken, perfectly cooked pinto beans, lightly crunchy celery, and gooey jack cheese gave the chili plenty of substance and body. The broth was lightly spicy and the chicken was deliciously tender and flavorful.

The bread bowl was a thin sourdough loaf with a crispy exterior. The bread bowl had been set into a larger bowl, filled with chili, and additional broth poured around the bread. This allowed the bread to soak up the broth and prevented any worry of the exterior being too crunchy.

An excellent spot for a quiet meal that embodies the best of “homestyle” cooking.

Total for the meal: $9.99 (included one bread bowl and one drink)

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