Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked how many people you usually dine with. Parties of two were the clear winner with 60% of the votes. 20% of responses were for small groups of 3-5 while 10% each went to dining solo and moderate groups of 6-8.

This certainly lends insight into why it gets appreciably more difficult to find seating for groups of more than 8! Personally, I’m all over the map as I regularly dine out as a group of 1 (taking myself out for a quiet lunch), 2 (a meal with a friend or the hubby and I out on a date), or 3-4 (the hubby and I out with a friend or another couple). Once or twice a month I will be part of a party of 10-15 people, dining out with various groups.

For this week’s poll let’s talk straws. One thing I noticed after moving from California was that seemed much more common here for restaurants to serve glasses of soda/tea/lemonade without a straw. And that more people would opt for no lid and no straw at fast food joints. So where do you stand? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Couldn’t care less? Weigh in below.


Yes, always, and I’ll ask for one
Sure, but if I don’t get one, it doesn’t matter
I don’t care either way
I prefer not
No, and I’ll take it out if it’s there
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