Weigh In Wednesday
The majority (69%) has spoken and straws are definitely preferred. Neri and Julie use them to keep the too cold ice away from their teeth, which is the primary appeal for me as well. Part of the 15% who said that they preferred not to use straws, Tyrone astutely pointed out that he actually prefers his drinks with very little to no ice, which circumvents the sensitive teeth issue entirely. The remaining 15% of respondents will use them if provided, but otherwise aren’t fussed about them.

Personally, I love straws. Not only do they serve to shelter my teeth, but they also encourage portion control for my soda indulgences and reduce the number of clumsy “I just dumped my drink down my shirt” moments. I also find that in the land of gigantor drinks, not having to lift the cup up to drink (as ridiculous as that sounds) can be a real advantage. (You may have guessed by now, ballerina like grace is not among my strengths.)

This week, let’s talk about those restaurants who use butcher paper for table cloths and offer you a handful of crayons to have at. Love it? Hate it? Roll your eyes at it? Let’s hear. : )


Tables You Can Color On?
I make masterpieces–and then take them home
We cover the table, why not?
Maybe a couple of games of tic-tac-toe or something
Only if the people I’m with are into it
Eh not my thing
It’s juvenile
It’s a cop out by the restaurant to avoid laundry
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