Weigh In Wednesday
Turns out we are an artistic bunch, 27% of respondents not only cover the table–they take their masterpieces home while another 27% cover the table, but leave their treasures behind. 18% will doodle if the others they are with are interested and another 11% will draw at least a little something. 18% see it as a cop out to avoid laundry but no one was completely grinchy about it.

Personally? I love crayons and butcher paper. In college, my friends and I loved a little local Italian place which used butcher paper for table cloths and supplied crayons. It was pricey for our college student budgets, but we loved to head there for special occasions and doodle our hearts out. We would work on class projects, plan great adventures, play tic-tac-toe, try to out doodle each other, and generally have a great time. It was almost a disappointment to see our food because the plates took away prime doodling real estate. And yes, on several occasions, we did take our masterpieces home with us.

For this week’s poll let’s talk about desserts. When eyeing a dessert menu, what is your favorite item? Are you a die hard cheesecake lover? A chocolate aficionado? I’ve supplied some of the most common, feel free to select other and write your favorite into the comments if you don’t see it here.


Chocolate Cake
Ice Cream
Bread Pudding
Creme Brule
The House Specialty
Other (specify in comments)
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