Vittone’s Pizzaria [3/5]
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Located in Decatur, just across from the Princess Theater, Vittone’s promises to combine “Old world pizza with a modern dining experience”. Since we are perpetually on the hunt for great Italian food, we decided to stop by one Friday night.

The restaurant is small (less than a dozen tables) with no entry to serve as a waiting area. We scootched up toward the bar to try to escape the cold gusts from the door and then found ourselves in a predicament attempting to maneuver towards the table the hostess was directing us towards. Once seated, we spent some time perusing the small, focused menu. Small menus are generally a sign that the restaurant is aware of what it does well and sticks to it, so I always find them rather encouraging. Vittone’s “build your own slice/calzone/pizza” option ensures that, despite the short menu, there is no shortage of variety.

My husband opted for the Deluxe calzone (shown above) stuffed with a bianca sauce (made from ricotta, basil, and pepper), onions, bell peppers, and Italian sausage. It looked amazing, with a golden crust and my hubby enjoyed it.

I ordered the Pasta Verde, a basil based pesto sauce and fresh Parmesan cheese over a bed of penne. I requested the grilled chicken, but my dish came up without it. The pasta alone was plenty of food, so I ate the dish as it was and simply asked our server to take it off the ticket when the check came up. She did so quickly and without complaint.

The pasta was very al dente and provided a nice contrast to the creamy sauce. The sauce had a satisfying pesto flavor, but ran a bit to the salty side.

When ordering I asked if the pasta would come with bread and I was told it would come with two small pieces. I was satisfied with that, so we chose not to order any breadsticks. When our meal came up, there was no bread in sight. A quick inquiry to our server and a side plate shortly appeared.


The bread wasn’t quite what I was expecting as it seemed more of a garnish than a serving of bread. The crunchy exterior and soft, chewy interior provided a nice balance, but the vaguely burnt taste threw it off kilter.

After dinner, we were faced with the tough decision between such options as sweet bread pizza, cheesecake, chocolate mousse torte, crème brûlée and many more. We finally settled on a chocolate chip canolli to share.

The outer shell was thick and a bit dusty while the cream, astoundingly thick and laced with chocolate chips, had just a hint of graininess.

Vittone’s offers solid Italian fare at a great value (the Friday night special was two pastas and a bottle of wine for $25). The service ran a bit to the distracted side, but mistakes were cheerfully and quickly corrected. It’s not someplace I will likely drive out of my way to dine at, but I would happily eat there again if we were in the neighborhood.

Total for the meal: $19.28 (includes one calzone, one pasta dish, two drinks, and one dessert)

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