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Papa Gyros
For fresh, flavorful food, Greek food is one of my favorites. We have several Greek spots in town, but on this particular occasion, the hubby and I opted to head up to Papa Gyros on University. A casual restaurant, where you order at the counter before seating yourself and waiting for your number to be called, Papa Gyros is decorated with a large mural and lights hanging from the ceiling.

I ordered a gyro plate and the hubby settled on a gryo wrap and a side of fries. We filled our drinks and chatted while waiting for our food to come up, which it did fairly quickly.

The gryo plate (shown above) is a large amount of food, enough to make two meals for someone with a smaller appetite. The beef is cooked on a rotisserie and carved off in thin tender strips that well seasoned and flavorful. Served over a bed of thin, firm, long grained rice and accompanied by juicy sauted bell peppers and onions the combination is bursting with flavor.

The pita is one of my favorite parts; soft and chewy with a nice bready flavor, it pairs perfectly with the meat and vegetables or the lovely creamy yogurt and dill dip.

With the exception of the punchy kalamata and green olives, the salad was worth skipping. Slightly wilted lettuce was topped with a tomato slice, rings of onion, slices of american cucumbers, and a generous sprinkling of feta. The cucumber was fresh and crunchy, but the tomato was clearly out of season. The included dressing was a standard Italian style dressing which offered no real salvation.

The pineapple was fresh and tasty, though a bit watery. The orange slice, however, was weak and a little off–suffering, no doubt, from being the end of orange growing season.

The hubby was well pleased with his wrap and especially impressed with the freshly made fries.

Papa Gyros
For a quick, casual meal Papa Gyros offers fresh, light fare which is a nice change of pace and perfect for the upcoming warm weather. For groups of more than four, be forewarned that the restaurant is very small, but diners turn over fairly quickly so you should be able to snag additional seats with a bit of patience.

Total for the meal: $23.81 (included one gyro plate, one gryo wrap, one side of fries, and two drinks)

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