Weigh In Wednesday
It’s been a few weeks since we last did a Weigh in Wednesday poll, but we’re back to the routine starting this week!

The last poll asked what you considered to be the worst table manners. Cell phones blew everything thing else out of the water–40% of respondents said talking on a cell phone was the worst offense and another 33% said that fiddling with a phone was the most irritating behavior. The next closest was making rude comments to the wait staff with 13%. Making comments about other diners and scraping silverware tied with 7% each.

I agree that cell phone usage is irritating though I am pretty forgiving as long as it is kept brief. What annoys me most depends somewhat on the company and the nature of the meal. Casual bar-b-que with friends? Lick your fingers to your heart’s content! Business lunch? Finger licking completely weirds me out.

Any other pet peeves we didn’t hit upon last week? Share in the comments!

This week’s poll asks how you when you prefer your food seasoned. This seems simple, but it has occurred to me lately just how much cooking styles and the affections of diners are influenced by when the seasoning is done.


Seasoning should be done…
At the table for everything (with salt, pepper, sauces, etc)
In the kitchen for the main flavors (spices, herbs) but at the table for the basics (salt, pepper)
In the kitchen for everything (I shouldn’t have to lift the salt shaker)
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