Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked where you prefer your food to be seasoned–at the table, in the kitchen, or a combination of the two. This was a close one. An even 50% preferred that the main seasoning be done in the kitchen while the basics (salt, pepper, etc) be left up to them at the table. 42% wanted everything done in the kitchen, while the remaining 8% wanted total spice control at the table.

Personally? I feel that food is an art and that the chef should be seasoning food properly to create a desired experience. In short, I shouldn’t be messing with their vision by piling on the salt. Granted, that is a high bar for casual dining, so I’m not against adding a bit of salt or pepper here and there, but in general, I like to enjoy my food exactly as it comes from the kitchen.

I find this especially interesting as one the idea of where food should be seasoned plays a role in how various people experience food and, often, in how enjoyable it is. If the chef is intending that you slater on the BBQ sauce, then you miss out on the full experience by trying to eat it straight from the kitchen. Conversely, a finely crafted dish can be completely distorted by a “I always salt my chicken” application.

What are your thoughts? How do you think that seasoning plays into enjoyment of/opinions on food?

For our next poll, we’re going to look at a related topic…picky eating! Are you? Aren’t you? Is it rude? Rational? Weigh in below!


Picky Eating Habits
I’ve always been picky and always will be.
I was a picky eater as a kid, but grew out of it.
I’m a picky eater because I have to be (health reasons, allergies, diets, etc)
Of course I’m a picky eater–life’s too short to eat bad food
There are foods I don’t like, but I’ll eat them so as not to be rude.
There are a few things I truly detest, but I’ll eat anything else.
I’ll eat anything that won’t kill me.
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