Mullins Drive In [3/5]
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Tucked off of Andrew Jackson in Five Points, Mullins Drive In has been serving Huntsville since 1929. The consistently full parking lot has always caught my eye, so this weekend the hubby and I made our way in. The set up was a little confusing as there are three separate dining rooms, yet you seat yourself. We checked out all three before settling into a booth in the front room. Our server appeared quickly and cheerfully took our drink orders.

After perusing the menu, I settled on a plate of the apparently famous 1/4 dark “broasted” chicken with “broasted” potatoes and coleslaw. My hubby opted for the breakfast sampler platter with scrambled eggs.

While we waited for our meals, we checked out the local memorabilia (above our table were photographs of Rison School’s sports teams in 1953) and the somewhat random cardboard cutouts of movie stars scattered throughout the diner. We also sampled the warm rolls delivered to our table which were soft, doughy, and slightly sweet.

My mistake came in applying the “whipped spread” provided on our table. The chemically taste did the rolls no favors, which was disappointing, because a good butter would have made those rolls incredible.

It was when our food came up that we realized our server had misheard my husband. Instead of a breakfast sampler, we found ourselves with a second 1/4 dark plate. To their credit, once we pointed out the mistake, the incorrect order was taken back without a fuss and his food arrived a few short minutes later.

My 1/4 dark chicken (pictured at the top of the post) was rather disappointing. The breading was slightly dry and completely unseasoned. The chicken was good quality meat and it was cooked well, but the breading was completely forgettable. I actually preferred the chicken without it. The roasted potatoes were actually three 1/2″ thick slices of potatoes, each cooked to a deliciously brown finish. The potatoes were a perfect degree of done but needed to be salted at the table to bring out their best side. The plate was rounded with another of the same enjoyable rolls from the bread basket.

Served in a standalone dish the coleslaw was vinegar based and had a sharp initial flavor. However, instead of being grated the cabbage was very finely minced, which meant that the coleslaw had a mouthfeel of slightly chunky sludge. While it would have been fine on a barbecue sandwich, on it’s own it was rather disconcerting.

The breakfast sampler plate came out on a rather ridiculous number of dishes.

Plate 1: Scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, and sasuage.

Plate 2: Pancake

Plate 3: Biscuits

My husband was fairly neutral on the food, though he did remark on the sausage being tasty.

Mullins caters to an older clientele and their pricing and style of cooking reflects that. The food is reminiscent of what a practiced home cook might make. Simple, straightforward, unseasoned and unvarnished fare at very reasonable prices. Many entrées are available for under $5.

Total for the meal: $15.00 (includes two drinks, one sampler plater and one 1/4 dark plate)

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