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Blame it on my Californian upbringing, but I have a soft spot for little lunch spots serving sandwiches, soups, salads, and quiche. In the land of bar-b-que and down home cooking, I am always excited to find a new spot for a light, relaxing lunch. So it was with great anticipation that I made my way to Clemintine’s, a small restaurant in Five Points with a menu that included paninis, quiche, and a wide variety of salads. Sadly, reality was no match for my hopeful imagination.

The restaurant itself was dimly lit and poorly laid out. The self serve drinks were shoved in a nook set into the far corner and the tables were pushed so close together that it was difficult to walk between them. Despite the pleasant weather outside, the air conditioning was cranked up to nearly frigid levels.

Buoyed by the number of patrons, I ordered a Quiche Lorraine, opting for a feta dressing with the included side salad. In about the time that it took for me to navigate around the tables and fill my drink, my meal came up. I chose to take my food outside to one of the small, plastic tables in order to enjoy the light and the warming weather.

My quiche was loaded with cheese and ham. Normally, I would find this to be a good thing as some quiches can get far too eggy for my taste. In this instance however, the use of lunch meat for the ham filling ensured that the dish was a salt overload. The crust was dry and crumbly with a strangely chemically aftertaste.

The salad offered little solace. The greens were clearly bagged greens from the supermarket (though they did blend two varieties) and had seen better days as they were wilted and raggedy at the edges. A single slice of tomato adorned the greens and was, happily, in decent shape for a mid February tomato. Croutons made on site from white bread toasted with butter and paprkia were served on the side. And while I was happy to see they hadn’t opted for preprepared croutons, they were singularly forgettable. The dressing consisted of feta suspended in a creamy oil and had the potential to be truly remarkable. Unfortunately, it tasted like any standard bagged Italian dressing.

Although I really wanted to like Clementine’s, I won’t be back. The disappointing food and a run down atmosphere are easily topped by many of the other great spots in town.

Total for the meal: $10.21 (includes one quiche lunch and one drink)

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